Faster Faster! – VilTAGE Game

As I was mentioning before, I am working on an ASCII web game framework called VilTAGE.

I’ve made a sample game for this framework. I’ve called it Faster Faster! and it’s source code i available on GitHub. If you feel that the game is missing something, feel free to report it on the GitHub page.

Logic of this game is relatively simple, you control an arrow and you can switch rows by pressing one of these keys: A S D F G. You have to avoid as many enemies as possible. To start a game, press A S D F G gradually, not at once.

You can play the game here.


VilTAGE – My game framework

About four days ago, I’ve started working on a new game framework which I’ve called VilTAGE (ViliX’s Text/ASCII Game Engine). The project is available on GitHub. As the name suggest, it’s a framework/game engine for ASCII based games. It’s written in Dart, which means that it targets web games. In the future, it should be able to handle entities, stages, animation, rendering, updating, input, etc.

If you want to contribute to this project or you want to use this framework (it’s free, don’t worry), you can contact me on Twitter on GitHub.


Wert Says Published

It’s a small web game that I made over weekend that’s based on classic simon says game, but done with WERT keys, hence the name Wert Says.

This game is being made in Dart (I am in love witht this language). It’s compiled to JavaScript and I’ll release it’s source when the game is fully finished. It’s pretty simple game that uses HTML + CSS to draw something on the screen.


Try to beat my score at GameJolt :)

Not Case Sensitive Published

I’ve started learning a new programming language called Dart. It’s pretty modern and it’s developed & maintained by Google. I haven’t got far before I’ve said to myself: “I want to make a game in Dart” and so I’ve made game in Dart.

Since I don’t know how to use any advanced technologies in Dart, I had to use text field and so this game uses HTML paragraph as canvas, how crazy is that?

The game mechanices itself is based on classic arcade space shooter games. I’ve also implemented Game Jolt leaderboard.

65553 65555

The game can be found on Game Jolt :)

Ludum Dare #30

As you probably now, I took part in Ludum Dare. I’ve created an abstract game called Abstrakt. It’s sort of experimental game. It’s not focused on the gameplay as much as on the meaning.



  • Minions are sent automatically every 4 seconds.
  • You can set their direction by pressing arrow keys.
  • You can move camera by WSAD keys and zoom by Q and E.
  • Mute music by M and sound by N.
  • Press ESC to go back to menu. Pressing ESC while in menu exits the game.
  • Press P to pause.
  • In round one, you are spawning minions at the cactus and you are defending it. You will be spawning white minions.
  • In the second round, you are spawning minions at the borders and you want to destroy the cactus. You will be spawning black minions (that’s where most people get lost).
  • If choosen spawn spot is blocked by another being, the minion will spawn at the oposite side.



One day, you were traveling to your cactus home, but something terrible has happened. Someone casted diarrhoeaccus spell on you. It means, that you’ve caught schizephrenia. Your world has divided into two parts, but they remain connected. You just don’t know it yet.

Through the day, you are fighting off nasty goblins from potato salad kingdom, but during the night, you are a powerful warlord who wants to destroy the Cactus kingdom.

Just another abstract day in Abstrakt Land..


Technical info

This game is written in Java and uses LibGDX and Box2D. Setting the resolution should work for all targeted platforms. Release for Android was also planned, but the game got a different direction from that point.



Sorry if the abstract (LSD/acid) graphics hurts your eyes, but it fits to the main point.
If you understand the point of this game, I’ll be so happy that I’ll tweet about you on Twitter. ;)



29167-shot0 29167-shot1 (1)  29167-shot3 29167-shot4


If it looks interesting to you, the game can be found here. Thanks for playing :)

Let’s Kill a Dinosaur published

As I said before, I was working on a small Android game called Let’s Kill a Dinosaur. Since I am going to participate in Ludum Dare in 2 days, I’ve decided it would be great if I could finish this project.

It’s quite simple game with lot’s of pixel art. Basically, you (the player), want to shoot as many dinosaurs as possible and survive as long as you can. The game gets faster with time. Your rocket launcher shoots a rocket every 1 second. You can aim by touching the right side of the screen and move by touching the left quater of the screen.

Sft & music was done by Leith Atia.


Let's Kill a Dinosaur Let's Kill a Dinosaur

It was done in a hurry, but I’ve managed to implement Achievements and Highscore table.

If it sound interesting to you, make sure you check it out on Google Play and leave nice review :)