Recent changes in VilTAGE

Recently, yegorf1 added an amazing feature into VilTAGE, Screens! It means, that creating “levels”, or “menus” should be now much easier. I won’t go into detail about screens, as it’d look like I am steeling yegorf1’s work.

The other recent thing that has changed is Animation. I’ve been talking about them for a long time, but now I’ve finally added them and I must say, I am impressed by how much does it work and how easy is to create an animation :)


If you are interested, check out this project on GitHub! (You can find videos, wiki and other stuff in there).

Major changes in VilTAGE

I’ve tried to make some games in VilTAGE (AAA Text Area, Two And Two, Faster Faster!) and the only issue I’ve encountered was performance. It makes a lot of sense, because redrawing html takes a lot of processing power and doing that 30 times a second is quite a lot.

Because of that, I am switching to canvas. It doesn’t mean, that there will be images, sprites, etc.., I’ll stick to my letters. I’ve started remaking VilTAGE to the new version which doesn’t use paragraph anymore, but uses canvas instead and as for now, I am getting quite amazing results. I was able to create a “game” sample with 600×600 resolution which run smoothly at 30fps. I think that I’ll be able to go much further.

It also means, that my previous YouTube tutorials I’ve made for the old version will get outdates and the same applies for GitHub wiki page. I am planning to deal with them later.

I hope that with the new version, I’ll be able to create much bigger and complex ASCII games. You can find it on GitHub. (newest version are highly unstable)

AAA Text Area

Seemingly small game. The goal is to survive as long as you can. Use WSAD to move around and IKJL to shoot in four directions. Remember to stay away from As.

I’ve used my game framework VilTAGE in making this game. You can view game’s source on GitHub. The game runs in “resolution” 20×20 at 60 FPS (some issues vere encountered on some addon-heavy browsers + some custom builds).

Try to beat my score at GameJolt. (Good luck)


Two and Two

Since I wanted to create some other games using VilTAGE, I’ve made one. (how simple is that?)
The game is playable at Game Jolt and since I’ve worked on it for just a few hours (1-2), it’s quite small. The goal of this game is to replace as many question marks in expressions as you can in 30 sec. Use A/S/D/F to choose the right math operation.
Good luck :)


Faster Faster! – VilTAGE Game

As I was mentioning before, I am working on an ASCII web game framework called VilTAGE.

I’ve made a sample game for this framework. I’ve called it Faster Faster! and it’s source code i available on GitHub. If you feel that the game is missing something, feel free to report it on the GitHub page.

Logic of this game is relatively simple, you control an arrow and you can switch rows by pressing one of these keys: A S D F G. You have to avoid as many enemies as possible. To start a game, press A S D F G gradually, not at once.

You can play the game here.


VilTAGE – My game framework

About four days ago, I’ve started working on a new game framework which I’ve called VilTAGE (ViliX’s Text/ASCII Game Engine). The project is available on GitHub. As the name suggest, it’s a framework/game engine for ASCII based games. It’s written in Dart, which means that it targets web games. In the future, it should be able to handle entities, stages, animation, rendering, updating, input, etc.

If you want to contribute to this project or you want to use this framework (it’s free, don’t worry), you can contact me on Twitter on GitHub.